Personalized Cartoons, Personalized Gifts & Snap Charms by Gay Zurich of Art & Soul in Waukesha, WI

Personalized cartoons and personalized gifts for everyone on your gift giving list: from Babies to Grandparents and all of Life In-between!

Hello!  Thank you for taking an interest in my personalized watercolor cartoons!

These cartoons are personalized to fit your profession or occupation, a hobby or special interest, those special people in your life, or those special occasions that make life so meaningful.

Furthermore, these cartoons are personalized to each recipient, whose name, the names of loved ones or pets, important dates, and other personal information, makes it more intimate.  Also available are more special touches, such as mustaches and beards, and hair color, as well as skin tones and physical characteristics for different races and nationalities, which are included in the cartoons to make them that much more special to each recipient.

I took a long time to develop each picture – years, in some cases – in order to accurately portray the little details, the surroundings, and even the types of humor that are typical of each.  I have filled my pictures with original humor, decorative color, and intense detail.  With more than a thousand original designs in print, there is something for everyone, with art to compliment both contemporary and traditional decor.  You should find much to identify with in each picture.

My work is meant to be uplifting, humorous and joyful, and sentimental.  It is meant to bring a smile or even laughter, perhaps a sentimental tear.  It is meant to warm your heart and, in some small way, to enrich your life. Thank you for letting part of my Art & Soul touch your life.  I hope you enjoy your “Art With Heart” forever.

Please enjoy your visit to my new website!

With love,
Gay Martha Zurich